Compressed Air Foam

used 4x less water = small water supply

Compressed Air Foam (CAF) systems provide a versatile fire suppression solution for a wide range of fire types in various applications.

At SIRON Compressed Air Foam Systems, we offer a wide range of CAF systems suitable for use in a number of industries. Our team works closely with you to establish the exact requirements of your business, giving you the confidence you’ll receive the most effective system for your unique requirements.

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Reduced Infrastructural Requirements
for Fire Protection

Water Supply

ICAF can eliminate or reduce the size of water supply tanks & fire pumps

Drainage and Containment

ICAF can eliminate or reduce the size of drainage and containment systems including spill tanks and oil separators

Disposal Costs

The significant reduction in foam and water required for ICAF reduces the costs associated to clean-up and disposal of foam during discharge testing or after a fire.

siron compressed air foam cafs systems

The benefits of
Compressed Air Foam systems

Compressed Air Foam systems have a wide range of benefits when compared with alternative fire fighting systems, including:


Compressed Air Foam used 4x less water = small water supply.
This applies to all of our applications.

SIRON Compressed Air Foam applications system is a multi-purpose means to safeguard any high risk flammable object. The CAF-systems have been installed in many different situations.

Each application below shows a complete case study of
the setting the Compressed Air Foam system is specifically made for.

Offshore Substation Platforms (OSP) OHVS and HVDC

Ensure reliable transformer protection at offshore substations with advanced CAF systems. Enhanced safety, minimized downtime, and efficient fire suppression.

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Loading and Unloading for Tankers / Railway Wagons

Efficient loading and unloading for tankers and railway wagons with our advanced CAF systems. Streamlined operations, enhanced safety, and superior fire suppression.

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Storage Combustible & Flammable Liquids

Safely store combustible and flammable liquids with our advanced compressed air foam systems. Enhanced fire safety, reduced risk, and regulatory compliance.

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High Voltage
Power Transformers

Effective protection of high-voltage power transformers with advanced CAF systems. Superior fire suppression, enhanced safety, and reliable performance.

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Diesel Generators &
Machinery Spaces

Reliable protection of diesel generators and machinery spaces with advanced CAF systems. Enhanced fire suppression, minimized damage, and increased safety.

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Helidecks /
Aircraft Hangars

Ensure reliable protection for Group II small helidecks and aircraft hangars with our advanced CAF systems. Enhanced fire safety, rapid suppression, and superior performance.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us any time

Don’t hesitate to contact us any time